About Us

Modular operates as a service-based company offering customer experience and software development services.




There are three main services that Modular specialises in:


1. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company – created Internet content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention.


2. 3D Rendering allows us to turn any product into a life-like 3D model, that enables you to interact with it in real-time.


3. 3D Configurators – through the use of rendered products we are able to develop a customisation platform that is tailored to each specific business catering to their wants and needs.

We enable mass customisation for all kind of products!

Find out how soon you can offer product or service customisation on your web or mobile platform.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our eclectic mix of technologies and people from different countries enable Modular to cross boundaries of design, marketing, technology, and manufacturing to create a truly holistic solution for organisations looking to remake themselves in the era of lean manufacturing and mass customisation.
Our mission is to provide service and product companies a complete digital platform so they can offer augmented online customisation experiences to customers. Modular’s fusion of customer experience and advanced technology creates an immersive digital journey that leads customers to spend more on each visit and keep coming back.
Our branding service defines your digital identity with compelling design and unmatched functionality that aligns and harmonises your online outreach with your customer, your marketplace, and your production.
Our customisation solutions let you produce one-of-a-kind products at scale while also cutting waste. That gives you the cost efficiency of lean manufacturing and the premium product that justifies the higher margins consistent with a more compelling digital brand.

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