Bespoke Software


Detailed Procedure

Expect us to be complex, precise and detailed. We have experience in the development of essential business software, and doing difficult projects that others cannot.



Our method of Agile software development means we’re flexible in our build. We consider that there will be changes during the creative development process.



We are always transparent in our work and ensure to keep you informed during all stages of the software development project. You can rely on a complete host of people to assist you at every point of business.

Devoted and reliable software development


We are committed to complete our projects within the set time period. We maintain a balance between your budget with that of your objective requirements and are determined to make long lasting success.

Good custom design software starts with the right people


When dealing in important business technology, you require a software supplier who is like part of your own company, someone that you can easily communicate with and someone you can trust to provide you with strong and effective solutions.

We have over a decade of experience in solving and developing business critical software solutions. Not only do we offer software consultancy solutions, but also system integration, data migration and custom made software.

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Strong technical experience


We have created a wide range of custom software; from online ticketing covering all popular events, to pilot e-learning software systems. Fudeks, an international chartered bus company, has seen a 20% increase in online-sales through a booking software that we have created and integrated into their website.


An overall solid software team


Our recruitment process for all team members is highly meticulous. We select only very experienced and trusted developers and managers to work on major projects. Candidates follow problem solving and development tests, so as to ensure they fit into the company ideals, and to be sure that they keep clear communication with our clients.


Infrastructure and data specialists


Through our datacenter, our infrastructure specialists control and manage the host servers for our customers’ software. Our responsibility is to maintain everything so that it is fast, efficient and current. There must be close cooperation between the software developers and the infrastructure teams so that hosting has a high-performance approach to business critical software.


Real customised software development


We never accept generic technical solutions at Modular, nor do we ever squeeze your business into something that it isn’t. We customise and design our software as per your request, to match your exact business needs and goals. We plan our projects to be complete and structured, and by using parts of the agile project management system, it remains flexible and efficient.


Long term partnership


We develop long-term relationships with all of our clients, becoming their technology partner in most cases for many years. Central to our continued success is the high level of trust we have between each other, as this will pave way to the core of business change. Even when it seems hard at certain situations, we work with determination and integrity, to foster long lasting relationships.

Developing based on agile technology


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We’re more interested in lasting success than quick wins in software development.