Mobile application development

The distinctive skills of our Modular teams allow us to adapt and precisely tailor our services to your exact needs. We assist in launching the best apps for our clients, from complete services to distinguished services. Working alongside our world-class experts in branding and digital design are our highly respected strategy and planning teams. Not only do we create beautiful and engaging designs, but also intuitive and original user interfaces that these designs are based on. Capped off by our expert development and finishing.


Strategy and Concept


Our teams all undergo stress tests for all projects that arrive at Modular˙s door, from fully thought out concepts to one line pitches. Our expert strategists will challenge assumptions and upgrade business plans. We look at the challenges your idea faces, why it will be successful and why people would care about it.

Working closely together with our clients, we merge your initial concept with everything our Modular team knows about mobile and startups, what works and what doesn’t. We then actualize ideas into products.

As soon as an agreement is reached on a general direction, our Modular teams will fill in all the details in giving the whole concept substance. The main benefit of this process is that a few minutes in strategy can lead to an hour of wireframing, a few hours in design, and development over a number of days or even weeks.


The Feature Set: Realisation


The feature set is the guidebook to all projects. Written in simple English, it describes how your application will function. Our designers use it this to create designs, and what our developers use it as an outline for their coding. It is the underlying basis for all steps to come.


Branding and Design


There are many reasons why we have a wide range of apps available in our app store. The primary one being our excellent design behind all our work. In a competitive market, the best design will help highlight your product. It is the first point of contact with users, therefore it is essential that the design is right.

Our international designer teams are united in their enthusiasm for design excellence and a high level of artistic taste. Our design teams’ highly skilled leader ensures that regardless of who designs the screens, logos or icons, it will appear and feel that it came from Modular.

The apps functionality and how well it is coded is crucial, but as for first impressions, it is design that matters. The appearance of  an application sets the tone for everything else. Our team is fully trained and highly experienced, each designer bringing visual creativity and an ideal comprehension of the app layout in harmony.


Development & Launch


Development is more than a code, the first phase in creating an excellent app is to understand its architecture. We combine our lead architect with a team of senior developers to choose the best technology combination for your product.

When development commences, specialists are assigned who match the chosen technologies during the architecture process. Our agile-based development runs in two-week bursts, resulting in a new additive built every two weeks, allowing you the ability to review and assess what we are creating on a regular basis.

Quality assurance analysis is done in increments so it will prevent any surprises at completion. When the app is set to go public, only then will we launch it to the stores, as well as going live on your website. Our team covers everything, from securing the availability of your favored app name in the stores, to guaranteeing all apps pass the difficult acceptance process from Apple.




App launches are not easy ventures, and getting the app into the store is half the battle. In regards to marketing, there is no easy solution. This is why at Modular we have built a powerful network of in-house and associate marketing experts.


Getting Expert Help


During your apps development phase, we will consult with you to determine the best marketing objectives and prospects for your app. Then we will familiarize you with our team of experts. We follow through with press coverage to explainer videos.




Our maintenance package offers everything from occasional analysis up to continual feature expansions and completely new versions.

And when you see the need to have your own team take over the app, we can assist, putting your candidates through the same training process we developed for our own teams, ensuring a smooth transition.


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