Mobile Game development

From Game Design Document to Final Release,
Maintenance and Support


A Modular is backed by a large experienced team of professionals that include:  game designers, mobile developers, artists, quality assurance engineers and UI/UX designers. With so many experts thrown into the modular melting pot, we are able to deliver a unique approach that results in an exceptional and distinguished user experience.  







The core concept that brought Modular to life is to offer a comprehensive one-stop location for our customers. By working with us, we guarantee that you will receive a complete, top-quality service with expert support, covering the following:


  • Game Design Documentation
  • Functional and Non-functional Requirements Specification
  • Art creation, sketching and prototyping
  • Architectural design to gain best technical solution for game mechanics
  • Game development testing and quality assurance
  • Performance optimization and usability testing
  • Pre-release version QA
  • App submission to the application stores
  • Post-release maintenance and support


Domain Experts


In today’s overcrowded gaming industry, Modular is the place to go if you are looking to unlock the full potential of advanced software and hardware technologies. We have developed many types of mobile games, with a wide variety of popular game genres. Our engineering and technical abilities have been sharpened over time by contract engagements and in house development, which includes:


  • Casual games for smartphones and tablets
  • Heightened reality
  • Educational games
  • Promotional games
  • Mobile games with social features





Modular follows the latest industrial technology available in today’s market. We are quick to adopt new software and hardware products and like to discover and test new innovations. We are testing the latest trends so that we can uncover new aspects in the gaming experience, which are:


  • Recognition of complex game mechanics
  • 2D and 3D modeling
  • Realistic physics with gravity, elasticity, fragility and more
  • Improved reality techniques
  • Multiplayer including Asynchronous Multiplayer
  • In-app purchases and engagement techniques
  • Full-cycle web back-end development
  • Third-party web services integration, including push notifications
  • Integration with gambling platforms
  • Advertising framework integration
  • Social network integration
  • Visual FX
  • Sound FX

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Modular has been founded with the idea to offer one-stop shop capabilities to our customers.