3D Configurators

How we enhanced digital journey

Modular is changing the traditional buying of bespoke products. Customisation can offer countless possibilities and with a focus on superior craftsmanship and finishing; drawing a connection between the brand, its online identity and the services offered becomes crucial to standing out from the crowd. Our philosophy at Modular is that every customer is different. This is why we tailor our solution to your specific needs and desired objectives.

Make your products customisable

Creating the unique user experience

Allow the customization of products in 3D

Enable product personalization 

Customize your product

Modular has also created the back-end tool to tailor your business process which we named “customisation management”

Our customisation management tool allows you to analyse your customer behaviour and tailor both your marketing and your production accordingly.


Analytics Tools


These tools provide real-time analysis of how customers are interacting with your digital platforms. Analyse your traffic:

  • By traffic type(e.g. web/mobile, geographic region)
  • By audience(e.g. demographics, interests, active/inactive users)
  • By channel(e.g. advertising and social media)
  • By behaviour(e.g. A/B tests, bounce rates, product preferences)
  • By conversions(e.g.,goals, sales, click-throughs)


Customisation Parameter Tools


These tools can be used online or offline to control how— and how much— online buyers can customise your products and services. Customisations always stay in sync with your design, production, and delivery specifications.


ERP Tools


Under a simple interface umbrella, these tools integrate with your backend processes so you can align production with market behaviour. Eliminate finished goods inventory as you deliver products and services that meet individual customer needs with near mass production efficiency.


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