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Your website, your choices, our professional Londonbased webdevelopment agency


Develop your website to work how you want it to. If you want your website to rise to a higher standard, our London-based web-development agency has the technical knowledge and industry vision to take you there. Our greatest desire is to build and create high-end websites, which work exactly to the needs of our customer, their visitors, as well as for search engines.

To have a better all-around business, you will require better online performance in speed, usability and behind-the-scene capabilities. Is your website performing at its full potential? If not, then it will be necessary for you to start focusing on smart web development. Our highly proficient team of web developers can assist national and international businesses grow and prosper online, from the very beginning with a firm stance towards the future.


Made to order…


All our web development projects are tailor-made so that they are specifically designed to fit you and your business needs. Our web developers and account coordinators come from all areas in business, allowing us to ideally advise and guide your website development. Whether you want to upgrade your existing site or you want to one from scratch, we have the tools and means to meet your online needs.


Our technical skills


Without overwhelming you with acronyms, our technical development experts are truly talented in what they do. We prefer open source technologies and specialize in Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL. Our preferred frameworks are mostly MVC types, such as PHP, CakePHP, Zend Framework and CodelIgnitor. Our knowledge also Covers key CMS systems, be it Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or anything more unique.


CMS working for you…


… and not the other way around. We understand how to use the quirky admin panel to work in your favor. The key to a good CMS is its usability and function. We will work with you to develop a system that you can use comfortably and is advanced enough that it will do all you need and more. From maintaining fresh content, schedule posts, access downloadable eBooks, all simple and easy to do. No longer will you have to wait on your developers to upload your content, although we are available to assist you whenever you need us.


Keeping your customers happy


Apps are an excellent marketing tool and a major way in improving the user experience on mobile devices, but only 20% of all branded apps get over a 1000 downloads. so if you want to do app development for iOS and Android successfully, talk to us.


Are you mobile ready?


As of August 2013, mobile social sharing has overtaken desktop social sharing. Social sharing stimulate retail sales, with 71% of the UK having smartphone users, that’s a large reach. Smartphones and tablets accounted for 51% of UK online retail sales, which is a breakthrough for mobile platforms. This trend is certain to rise in the UK and worldwide.

With the advancement of technology, mobile shopping will become simpler, to stay ahead, talk to our team of experts in developing a responsive website so as to keep up with M-Commerce.


Call us…


We are a flexible, forward thinking, London-based web development agency who enjoys working with energetic businesses throughout the UK. If you are ready to grow and succeed online call our talented team today on +44 7492 412 033 or drop us an email at office@modular.global.



Increase your online sales by taking advantage of our E-commerce design and web development capabilities of our expert London team.

The E-commerce industry has been booming over the last 3 years. Has your website been performing just as well reaching increases of 10% in online sales? Are you managing to keep up with your competitor’s online presence and E-commerce performance?

If your online performance has been lacking and is not up to your requirements then it is time for a change. Be it minor functional upgrades to improve your order fulfillment system, for things to run more smoothly, or structural improvements, to establish an advanced catalog management system that will enhance the user experience and increase your profit margin. We are here to better your online sales and overall web performance.


How can we serve you?


We are a forward-thinking, an integrated digital agency with the knowledge and vision to design online E-Commerce business websites that are fully functional, search engine friendly and streamlining your business as much as possible. A website that will take you to the next level, changing with the future.

Regardless of changes and improvements in technology our professional team of web developers, project managers and designers will keep your business in the lead.  Our expert teams come from all corners of the business world, they bring forward their diverse knowledge and skills to help a wide range of businesses to improve their online sales. If you are ready to see how we design and build E-Commerce websites with expert capabilities, then look no further…


Looking for a simple way?


We all hate complicated back-end systems. There is no reason why the admin panels need the genius to figure it out. It is essential to thoroughly understand your E-Commerce system, if your people cannot use it to its full potential, then who can?

This is why our back-end designs are simple and clever giving you total control of your E-Commerce site. Some of its features are to manage orders, inventory tracking, customer details, updating and uploading products, price control, entering product details and improved promotions.

No need to be confused by its many options, the systems functions are simple and user-friendly. And for any additional support, we are only a quick phone call away.


Intelligent catalog management


The importance of the intelligent catalog management system is flexibility, as you might be selling to different businesses or individual clients, all with different pricing points. Or you might be offering special discounts for bundle packages, our intelligent catalog management system will give you the ability to sell to an unlimited number of customers.


Facilitated order fulfillment


A streamlined order fulfillment system will allow your E-Commerce business to run smoothly, giving you satisfied customers and more time to focus on other business areas. Our expert developers will show you what your website can achieve.

We strive to create systems that are uncomplicated and flexible.  We have developed and organized a catalog management system for all the goods and services your online store offers. We can set up your E-Commerce system to do whatever you need, from flexible shipping to tax and invoicing—No need for complicated admin panels.

Our E-Commerce developers will simplify and streamline your system. From keeping your customers informed with customised order statuses and transaction emails to all the features required to create and fulfill orders straight from your admin panel.


Online beauty is skin deep


A website that is fast, attractive and responsive is only part of the complete challenge, if the system is too complicated to follow and receives little traffic, then E-Commerce will fail. This is why it is very important to consider E-Commerce at a deeper level.

All  great E-Commerce websites have effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies. If you are planning on utilizing online marketing in-house or whether you would like to consult with our digital marketing experts, all of our E-Commerce websites are designed and built with a user-friendly and firm SEO Foundation, giving you the best opportunity to dominate the web.


Customised solutions for discriminating customers


Customising catalog management, smart order fulfillment, uncomplicated admin panels, attractive web design and SEO-friendliness are just some of our refined skills. We also develop clever integration with social media platforms and develop our front-end systems to improve the user experience. Our dedicated developers enjoy getting E-Commerce websites working to your needs.




CMS is a smartly designed content management system that works for you.

Looking for a CMS with greater functionality and usability? Then you have come to the right place as we, at Modular, can make this happen.

Regular updates will no longer be a problem. We will keep your online brand looking modern, fresh and relevant, ensuring your website to be successful on search engines.

Our CMS is developed to do what you want and more – quick and fast. Our CMS is designed so that you can easily add content in-house, without needing the developers for every little thing. However, if you ever need us, we are just a quick phone call away.


Advanced CMS simplified


Your CMS operates everything from an Intuitive content editor WYSISYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) to preforming complex catalog management. It enables you to use dynamic sitemaps, uploading PDFs for your visitors to download, creating new pages, controlling and organising your content and images, edit text attributes, schedule content updates, add unlimited sub-navigation links, add meta-data, add hyperlinks, keeping your blog up to date and setting up unlimited administrator accounts, and much more.  Our expert developers can add any other contents that you require and that works for you.

Our CMS systems are all built to be uncomplicated and useful. Training is provided with your new back end system to ensure you have a full handle of the system. If you ever require any further technical support, the Modular team is always available and at your disposal.


Whatever your platform


Contact us if you want your online business to be easier. Update, tweak, develop, simplify or add functionality to all leading platforms. We will custom make your CMS to work according to your needs. We can develop a streamline system, linking your back end to other programs to create a seamless network. Connect your shop front to your order fulfillment systems and link your payment gateway to your accounting software.


Need anything special?


If there is any special functionality you need, that we have not mentioned? Don’t worry, contact us about bespoke development for your CMS. We’re an experienced web development agency with the know-hows to make your CMS work to your command. To discuss your project, contact us today on +44 7492 412 033 or email us at office@modular.global

If you’re not happy with your online performance, it’s time for a change.